Bridges Fire & Security make it easy to protect your business and staff whilst meeting your insurance requirements. 

Our engineers & Surveyors provide you with the best possible advices when choosing your fire fighting equipment. 

Our Services

Fire Extinguisher Installation

Fire Extinguisher Installation

Fire Extinguisher Installation


How we can help

–    We supply & install fire extinguishers across Cambridgeshire

–    All types of business premise catered for – small & large
–    Kitemarked fire extinguishers, meeting both British & European standards
–    Foam, CO2, powder, wet chemical and water extinguishers, for all types of fires
–    5 year guarantee on all fire extinguishers we supply
–    We commission and certify to British Standards
–    We’ll remove your old extinguishers 

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Fire Extinguisher Installation

Fire Extinguisher Installation


Did you know, If you are a responsible for fire safety for a business, then you must make sure fire extinguisher servicing is carried out annually to meet current fire safety regulations.

(check out our Blog article: Fire Extinguisher Regulations.)

Fire extinguisher servicing is needed to make sure your extinguishers are kept in full working order for when you might need them. 

Let’s remember this is a Life & Property protection product, and in the unfortunate event of a fire it could be the difference between life & death. 

Price List

Discounts Available to contracted customers * subject to location and prices may change *